Booking Information


In order to book an appointment with Joe you must first schedule a Consultation which only takes 20 minutes or so. A Phone Consultation may be scheduled for Out of Town Customers. You will then discuss the entire details of the Tattoo like size, location, style, color and price. Once the Tattoo has been decided on and Date for Tattoo set, you will then put down a Deposit / Scheduling Fee which goes toward the Final price of the Tattoo (Deposit / Scheduling Fee depends on Final Price of Tattoo agreed upon at Consultation). The Deposit / Scheduling Fee paid for the particular Tattoo applies ONLY to the Date originally agreed upon and does not carry over to a new date in ANY way. If You are not able to show up for the Appointment originally agreed upon during Consultation the Deposit / Scheduling Fee will be forfit and new Deposit / Scheduling Fee will need to be re paid to book new Tattoo appointment date. The Tattoo Appointment will allow a 30 min Grace period from original time set to be late with no notification and is potential to be re scheduled if Grace period is exceeded. Paypal Deposits are encouraged and should be sent to upon request. Venmo payments send to @bostickart. Please Contact Joe with any Questions about Tattoo Work or Consultation Info.

QUOTES - Tattoo Quote(s) are givin on the day of the Tattoo Consultation and apply ONLY to the Requested Day the Tattoo will be Booked then completed. If Tattoo is not Booked at the time of Consultaton the Quote for that particular Tattoo will be forfit and need to be Re-Quoted.

ORIGINAL TATTOO DESIGNS and/or DRAWINGS - Original Tattoo Drawings and/or Original Tattoo Design work will NOT be sent over the Internet or Via TXT in any way for "Original" Bostick Art Copyright reasons. If Design or Tattoo Drawing(s) need to be Proofed or changed prior to Tattoo Appt Date Scheduled a PROOF Appointment must be scheduled first, at that point you will then stop by BOSTICK ART Tattoos in order to Proof, Edit and Aprove the Tattoo Design and/or Drawing If Needed. Thank You!

Thanks For Reading and Visiting Us at BOSTICK ART.COM!! See You Soon!!